Monday, March 26, 2012

New (to me) gear

Canon 5D
With this week's release of Canon's 5D Mark III, my good friend Rich Legg upgraded his main camera. In doing so, his old Mark II shifted to the backup position and his classic 5D became surplus. So, he made me an offer I couldn't refuse and my new primary camera is now full frame. Even though this body is newly mine, we're already old friends. In the last three years, I've probably shot it more than Rich has. He let me borrow it for a long weekend trip and I've shot second shooter at a couple shoots for him. I'm now looking forward to using it full time.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hear them? The crickets? It's been pretty quiet around here for awhile.

The reasons are multifaceted.

One: I've been busy with things other than photography and haven't spent much time posting articles here.

Two: I have three blogs that I try to keep up. A couple years ago, I'd made a plan, and set up reminders, to write one post for each blog each week. It was simply too ambitious. It was unmaintainable. And it got to the point where I simply dismissed the reminder without giving any serious thought to it. The reminders, rather than spurring me into action, ended up being a means for me to put a guilt trip on myself and resenting. I simply over-committed myself, got overwhelmed and ignored things.

Three: I ran into the issue that some of what I wanted to share didn't fit well into any of my blogs. Things crossed over into other areas that didn't weren't really about the topic of the blog. Additionally, some things didn't fit the written format well.

So, the last couple months I have evaluated what I want to do and how I want to move further with my blogs. I've decided to continue the three blogs. However, instead of posting to each one each week, for a total of three posts a week between them, I plan to only write one post a week and rotate through the blogs. This means each blog will be updated once every three weeks. I think actually writing one post a week is better than not writing three.

I have also started a new video blog. It is less focused on a particular area and so it allows me to share more variety of things. Some of those things will be photography related and when there is cross over, I'll also cross post.

This blog also has a related twitter account. It serves as both to alert of new articles here and also pointers to other things photography related I find out in the internet. I plan on having several posts a week there, so followers will get more than they do here, but won't be spammed with huge amounts either.

Until next time, keep watching the light.

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