Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hill Air Force Base Open House

Due to a number of reasons, I was unable to make it up to the Open House at Hill Air Force Base last weekend. Fortunately, a number of other people I know were able to make it and share the photos they made. (Listed in alphabetical order.) Click on the photos below to see more by the same photographer.

Aaron Barker got this P-51:
P-51 Mustang

Skyler Call caught the Thunderbirds in action:
Thunderbird F-16

Matt Freestone has a number of human shots on his blog:
parachute jumpers

Nathan Marx made a number of images of older planes:
old plane

Ratish Naroor also shows the human side of the Thunderbirds:
Thunderbird team member and F-16

Ruben Schoenefeld got this Canadair CT-133 Silver Star 3:
Canadair CT-133 Silver Star 3

The Standard-Examiner has a slide show of images made by Djamla Grossman, including this one of a Thunderbird's F-16 preparing for the show:
F-16 Thunderbird

Scott Stringham caught this F-22 with water condensing in the pressure wave:

Thanks everyone for sharing your images.


Aaron Barker said...

Thanks for the link up! Great collection. As with the photowalks I love to see everyones interpretation on the same event. It is fascinating.

Tom Kelly said...

Awesome shots! Saturday was a dream day to shoot with a mix of blue sky and puffy clouds. Here's a few more.

Harley Pebley said...

Tom, thanks for sharing your shots!