Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photowalking Utah: Star party

Star trails

The Salt Lake Astronomical Society will be hosting a Star Party at the Stansbury Park Observatory on the evening of Saturday June 13th, 2009. At this event, members of SLAS, and other enthusiasts, bring out their telescopes for the public to look through in addition to the telescopes at the observatory. You will be able to check out Saturn's rings or Jupiter's moons while you wait for your star trails bulb shot to complete.

We will be meeting out there at 9:00pm, where we will be introduced to the Vice President of the SLAS. This should also give us enough time so we can be set up by 9:30. Around 10:00pm is about when the stars should really start to shine. Typically the star parties last until 11:00pm, but the ending time for this is still TDB.

You can find Maps to the Observatory on SLAS's website:
slas.us/images/MAPS/SPOC_Map.gif (printable)

Once again, the details:
  • Stansbury Park Observatory (Not Island)
  • June 13th (Saturday)
  • 9:00pm

Weather Permitting

Follow the discussion on this Flickr thread.

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