Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photocamp Utah 2010: Inexpensive High-speed Photography

Apple splash
Two months from today, over 300 photographers will descend on the Miller Conference Center for a day-long conference filled with workshops, networking, learning and fun. It's the second annual Photocamp Utah event. In spite of a larger venue with room for 50% more people and a technical problem just before registration started, tickets sold out in six hours.

I will present a workshop again this year. To keep with last year's McGyver-ish theme of doing things cheap, I will talk about the basics of high-speed photography and how to do it with equipment most photographers already have or can get inexpensively, such as the HiViz kits I recently built. A live demonstration will illustrate the points and show how to set things up for a shot like the one above.

I hope to see you there. If you see me, be sure to say "Hi".


Jeremy Hall said...

Looking forward to your presentation this year. Your DIY presentation last year was a huge hit, and I'm sure this one will be as well!

Scott Smith said...

This should be a popular class. Your welcome to use my sound trigger if you need another one? I haven't used it for a few months but it should still work.

Rithban Kirda said...

McGuyver was fabulous last year. Looking forward to this class.